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title: Mamma Mia!
date: Tuesday, September 30, 2008
time:10:10 PM

just watched Mamma Mia!
it's was awesomeeeeeeeee!!
love the musical movie!
Amanda Seyfried's voice is amazing!
i didn't know she could sing! haha xD
Pierce Brosnan is sooooooooo cool too!!
hmmm the movie is great. nice one..
worth watching :DD

shit, i think i'm having sore throat soon. :(

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title: ah H's dream.
date: Monday, September 29, 2008
time:11:57 AM
dont talk about ah h's dream first.
hmm Luiz Felipe Scolari (Chelsea's coach)
didnt put Ballack in the first eleven in this season.
why isn't him one of the first line player?
Scolari put Lampard instead. haih...
siannn... so stupid. didnt put Ballack first line
sure more hard to win one. zzz noooob
i dont like Scolari, still prefer Jose Mourinho.

okay, now about ah H's dream. hahaha
he said he dreamed about me last night.
or the night before.. oh, it was on sat nite.
he dreamed that Avril came here for a concert again.
and then as you all know, the Girlfriend Remix
was the second last song mah..

but this time, instead of Lil Mama rapping,
I was on stage rapping Lil Mama's part with Avril!
and then the fans club people are shouting my name
more than Avril's. hahahaha
and after that, i brought my fans club friends to
the backstage to meet and greet Avril in person.
thats his dream. hahahaha how silly can it be? lol
if it's real more chun. lol xD

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title: tottenham hotspur vs portsmouth
date: Sunday, September 28, 2008
time:10:42 PM
well well well...
just got back from mamak again watching..
Tottenham Hotspur vs Portsmouth.
hahah yeah Hotspur didnt win. lol
sad right, can lost to Portsmouth..
whatthehell is that?! haih..
anyway, Defoe scored the first one.
it was a penalty, coz handball.
but then after that, Diarra(Portsmouth) got handball also.
the referee didnt give Hotspur penalty, only corner.
haihz. but then later Diarra got red card. HAHAHA
good for him, cant play for next match. lol!
then 2nd goal scored by Peter Crouch.
can you actually believe it?
Crouch. lol he's a very-not-geng player to me.
a bit lousy lar. like a pair of chopstick running in the field.

Went to Grace's house for some home service.
then played basketball haha
me and William one team, my bro and Vincent.
2 vs 2. lol damn lame. hahah but fun
i havent been playing bball since very long time ago.
lol btw, the one in Grace's house wasn't that nice.
not very high, somemore the net is very wide.
like anyhow shoot also can get in. like my bro..
so noob also can shoot in. hahahaha xD
tiredddd sia~

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title: Plain White T's new album!
time:11:35 AM

i have to blog about this. hahaha
i'm so in love with Plain White T's new album!
as recommended by Mr Ah H! thanks a million!!
all of the tracks are awesome!! man i love it!!!
there're 10 tracks in this album. damn nice!
my fav. is That Girl! superrrrrrrrr nice!!
his or their voice is superb. hahas
its a band right, but i always heard one voice only.
only one guy singing? the others play instruments is it?
lol anyway, people, must listen to this album!
go dl, or buy ori cd better. haha. support original!

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title: anorexia?!?!
time:11:11 AM
what are the symptoms that you're having anorexia?(or however u spell it)
gosh. i think i'm having anorexia haha
or maybe i'm thinking too much..?
just suddenly out of the sudden the word anorexia came to my mind.
i don't have the appetite to eat my meals everyday.
i'm hungry but i don't feel like eating.
lol what does that mean?
and i eat very little only. very very little.
i see the food, nice, but i don't feel like eating it.
after i see the food, i felt full. hahahaha
but then after that hungry pulak, kns.
because i had too much of rocky?! oh no...

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title: epl 27.09
time:12:18 AM
EPL fever's back. hahahaha
just got back from mamak watching
Man U vs Bolton W. 2-0
C. Ronaldo scored the first which is a penalty
while Rooney scored the 2nd goal..
C. Ronaldo got a free kick coz.....
he was 'tripped' by one of Bolton's player..
actually he did tripped him lah..
but then C. Ronaldo acted like as if so serious.
FAKE! he's always FAKE. omgness.
then he got himself a penalty. good for him lol
of corz can goal, if not, dont dream of staying
in Man U. haih then Rooney wasn't in the
first eleven. He came later on and then Man U
scored the 2nd goal. chunz. but Bolton's keeper
is very geng. damn geng.. he defended few balls
already, if not Man U sure score more than 2.

Chelsea won Stoke City by 2-0.
i don't know who scored the first one
coz i didn't get to watch.
the mamak on the Man U one instead of Chelsea's.
haih wanted to watch Chelsea's larr.. lol
the 2nd goal scored by Anelka! yay hahaha

Liverpool won Everton by 2-0 also!
both scored by Torres!! one of my fav. player
hahaha nice one.

p/s : catching Tottenham HotSpurs tomorrow!

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title: converse
date: Friday, September 26, 2008
time:3:59 PM

i want a pair of beige Converse sneakers!!
i want this i want this. damn i'm broke T_T

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date: Thursday, September 25, 2008
time:12:55 PM
time:1:10 AM
This innocence, is brilliant
I hope that it will stay
The moment is perfect, please don't go away
I need you now
And I'll hold on to it
Don't you let it pass you by


I just wanna scream and lose control
Throw my hands up and let it go
Forget about everything and runaway yeah
I just want to fall and lose myself
Crying so hard it hurts like hell
Forget about everything and runaway yeah

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title: American Idol - crazy ass
date: Wednesday, September 24, 2008
time:4:54 PM

this girl is crazy

chocolate rain. roflmao

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title: tagged by Benson
date: Monday, September 22, 2008
time:12:59 PM

name 20 people u can think of :
1. meia
2. yikhoong
3. justincredible
4. miroslav klose
5. gerald
6. joan
7. rachel
8. avril lavigne
9. aissa
10. eugene tan
11. jon

12. sally
13. jake
14. michelle
15. yvonne
16. louis
17. carlos
18. kailyn
19. daphne
20. shannon

How did you meet 14? [michelle] she's my cousin...? lol

What would you do if you never met 1? [meia] nothing much. she's one of Avril's die hard fan, nice to meet her!!

What if 9 and 20 are fated? [aissa & shannon] they will hit the clubs together, both are clubbing queen.

Will 6 and 14 date? [joan & michelle] they are cousins. haha

Describe 3. [justincredible] i never met him before. lol

Is 8 attractive? [avril lavigne] OF COURSE YESSSSS!!!!!!

Decribe 7. [rachel] looks like me, shopping queen, piano pro, and.......

Do you know 12's family members? [sally] only her bro. met her bro before. her parents, no.

What if 18 confess that he or she likes you? [kailyn] i'll tell her i like her too. xD

What language does 15 speaks? [yvonne] mandarin, english, malay, hakka. the others all ok ok only.

Who is going out with 9? [aissa] not really sure she has bf or not. hahas

How old is 16? [louis] he's 23 or 24 if i'm not wrong. forgotten d.

When did you last speak to 13? [jake] msn counts? just talked to him last friday.

Would you date 4? [miroslav klose] SUREEEE!! :D

Will you date 1? [meia] if i'm a les. wth lol

Is 19 single? [daphne] ahh too bad she's not available anymore.

What's 10 last name? [eugene tan] shan

School of 3? [justincredible] KDU. i dont think it's KBU. hahahahaha so confusing.

Where does 6 lives? [joan] in london now.

What do you think of 5? [gerald] hahaha a hottie?!

Have you seen 2 naked? [yikhoong] NOOOO!! i'd rather go blind. damn

Choose five people to do the test:
1. Yik Hoong
2. Meia
3. Crazygimli
4. Justincredible
5. Lil K -KhaiChai

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title: TJC JB Youth Camp 08
time:12:13 AM
Well, had our Youth Camp from 20-21 Sept.
Stayed overnight in church on Sat night.
Had BBQ dinner on Sat night. It was fun. hahaha then after gao tim everything..
Then chit chatted awhile inside room with the girls till 4.30am.
Then the next day have to wake at freaking 7.30am. omg. not enough time to zz.

Anyway after morning prayer, breakfast, then set off to Sultan's Garden.
Man, damn hot wei.. had our telematches.. hahahahahahaha so fun man!
Didn't enjoy like this since forever.. lol but the sun is like so bright then the
weather is freakkkkinggg hot! Everyone was sunburned.

But everyone enjoyed it. Quite a lot of youths attended the camp.

After the telematches, went for lunch, after that went back church to pack our
things then balik kampung..
Everyone was like so tireddd after the half day activities..

Then reached home at about 5.30pm, mandi-ed then went to sleep at 6pm.
Woke up at 8pm coz the football match starts at 8.55pm.
Then faster wake up makan, then wait for Lin Fei to come and fetch me and bro.
Haih~ my fren ffk-ed me. Anyway.. It doesn't matter. hahas xD

Went to the mamak nearby Bock's house.
Better than Aliff, coz the projector's clearer.
Then guess what, met Bock's dad there. hahaha heard from Bock that he's a
football fan also. haha damn nice. went there around 9.20pm. damn it.
Man U's Park Ji Sung already scored one. Then I'm like, wth...? damn.
So excited and nervous lah. And,... i was the only girl watching the epl there..
hahahaha.. Who cares...?

Drogba's injured previously so he wasn't in the first eleven. haih.
And then Terry's back, they forfeited his red card. Yes!!! :D
Then then then, Ballack's also injured. omg so pitiful.
I supported Chelsea coz of him. Because he is a German.
And I'm loyal Deutscher Fussball-Bund fan. ;)
Ballack missed a score. He went out and Kalou came in.
hiak hiak hiak and then Kalou scored one with his head!
That guy! Thought he was useless and noob.
Anyway, if it was Klose, sure in d one. lol
I thought that Drogba or Anelka will score.. but.. they didn't. zzz
So the match ended up 1-1 draw. A very exciting match.

I'm like so super tireddd now. Needa some rest. Time to zzz now. See ya

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title: new blog.. old blog gone T_T
date: Friday, September 19, 2008
time:4:55 PM
hi y'all. hahahas this is my new blog.
the url remains the same coz i changed the old one to
if you wanna visit the old one then u just click that link.

created a new one because the old blog cannot have spacing. stupid right?
so many things need to do so ma fan but no choice. hahas xD
anyway, already done. everything's still the same. just that no old post. hahas
nevermind. its not like any of you wants to read it anyway.

well well well, this sunday 21/09 9.55 pm Chelsea vs Man U! go blues! *fingers crossed*

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