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title: 30.10
date: Friday, October 31, 2008
time:1:05 PM
interview. YES! got the job. hahaha :D
well the manager is an easy-going guy..
which is cool. and fyi, he's onli around 22-24.
still studying. can be manager tim. not bad sia..
lols yup met up Sally and went That's Cafe together.
for only 1hour plus coz Sally needs to go and work ad.
she started her part time job yesterday.
in a Japanese Restaurant in Crystal Crown.
coz she got no money to spend already! haaha
same same.. me too. so does Shann babe! lol XD

yeahh.. after that we went back cs..

did something interesting hiakhiakhiak ;)
after that went over Clark Hatch for the Halloween Party.
all the staffs dressed up like, well, ghosts. hahaha
kinda funny. not really that scary lar. lols
they had some games going on and stuffs but i chao ad.

went to Roosts at night. after Roosts then Avenue.

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title: Showroom here I come!
date: Thursday, October 30, 2008
time:10:43 AM
hiakhiakhiak going for the so-called interview later..
it's actually not an interview but i lazy to type it out.
so whatever lar.. hahaha and hopefully i get the job..
and most prob i think i can get.. HAHAHA!!! XD
it's just a part time anyway. if u guys where Showroom is.
the shop is just directly opposite Ou Yang's shop.
gosh. he'll be seeing me everyday.. everything i do he
also can see... yeeee.. hahahaha cannot siao siao ad.

and yeah, meeting Sally today. going halin's shop. haha
and Jordan maybe. if he's coming... and who knows?
i might do something crazy..yes, really crazy. just wait!

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date: Wednesday, October 29, 2008
time:4:28 PM

*fyi, this is not me. LOL

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title: webcam!
time:4:25 PM

i miss my Yaya!! :(
well, and my sis too lar. hahaha

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title: HSM 3!
date: Sunday, October 26, 2008
time:1:11 PM
watched HSM 3 last night.
eh, it's actually this morning at 12am.
ahhahahah. nice show. not bad lar.
but i think HSM 1 is the best. 2 and 3 ok only.
some of the scene like almost the same.
i like Sharpay lar.. hahah very pretty.
all of them like grow up already lols.
not bad. the songs ok ok only.
HSM 1 is the best!! :)))

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title: my fave Victoria's Secret Angels ♥♥
date: Thursday, October 23, 2008
time:8:18 PM
Heidi KlumGisele BundchenAlessandra Ambrosio (my fav of all)Miranda KerrJessica StamAdriana LimaKarolina KurkovaSelita Ebanks (the 1st black model that's pretty)Doutzen Kroes

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title: AGYNESS DEYN rocks the runway!
time:8:13 PM

i so love her! Agyness Deyn

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title: cs 23.10
time:7:02 PM
and then, the result of cs today. hiakhiakhiak
kill 60 people in 25 rounds. lol!
that's the gun i'm using. CV-47. nice :D
i think i need to change map already lar.
but de_dust is the best map to play. hahas
i'll break another record. kill over 100 ppl? lol XD

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title: cs
date: Wednesday, October 22, 2008
time:11:22 PM
see! i killed the most ppl. hahaha random lar.

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title: side fringe?
time:9:50 PM
i sapu-ed my bangs to the side d haha
looks nicer? hm, side or not also nice.
lol!! IFP. hahahaha xD

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title: Salvatore Ferragamo parfum
time:9:30 PM
yeah, updates just for you Miss Meia Alexander.
hahahaha well, stayed overnight at my cousin's
place last night. watched why why love with her.
nice series :D the same casts from devil beside u.

she got me a Salvatore Ferragamo perfume for bday.
not bad lah hehehe but i still love my Ralph more :p

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title: Counter Strike Condition Zero II
date: Monday, October 20, 2008
time:2:01 PM
yes yes yes i finally installed CSCZII after so long!
man i miss this game a lot!! hehehe
used to play with my sis and bro. but now sis gone ad.
huhuhu i play mission alone. lols.
but still, not pro enough. challenge u ppl next time! :p

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title: pre luv market @ UJ Element
time:1:51 PM
last night went to junk sale with a few of them..
daphne, ah boon, stella, sally and ahjen
nvr meet them for so long already. hehehe
went at 6pm. so punctual. hahaha
the booths just start to set up only. lol
not much goodies. a lot of vintage T-s very nice!
but very exp also. :S got myself a bag and a belt.

super vintage belt, damn nice hehe :D
then went makan dinner with them and back home!

side fringe is still nicer :p right? (and yes, i love my cat eyes:))

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title: pre-loved junk sale!
date: Thursday, October 16, 2008
time:12:53 AM
title: ♥♥♥
date: Wednesday, October 15, 2008
time:10:44 PM
i emo
i skinnies
i converse sneakers
i hoodies
i gladiators
i casio retro gold watch
i marc ecko watches
i big shades
i grafitti
i musicals
i dark chocolates
i cookies
i cupcakes
i rocky/pocky
i high-waisted shorts/skirts
i deutscher fussball-bund
i party
i secondhand serenade
i avril lavigne
i coach
i forever 21
i barcardi apple
i chivas
i you very much :)

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title: Pocky & Rocky <3
time:1:47 PM

my love, Rocky/Pocky!! hehehe :D
bought the orignal Pocky from Singapore for $1.70!
damn exp... the right one is also original lar..
it's just that its Malaysia version of Pocky.
you go wikipedia search Rocky then u'll know
why in Malaysia its called Rocky instead of Pocky.
hahahahaha nobody gave me 1,010 boxes of Rocky
on my birthday ler.. so sad T_T hahaha :p

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time:1:00 AM
I got a whole new hair, but...I'm a rock it.
Cause I'm a ROCKER. :)

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title: more new pics ;)
date: Monday, October 13, 2008
time:12:27 AM
title: 11.10.08
date: Sunday, October 12, 2008
time:9:04 PM
ou yang bought me a cake. so after choir time
a small celebration for me and linfei lo.
his bday's on 08.10 two days before mine.
hahahahaha so nice wei.. long time didnt have
my own birthday cake already.
damn pathetic. hahaha :p nice one!
will upload the pics soon!
then later on at night we went to watch
Eagle Eye. not bad, quite nice..
was so super tireddd coz i slept onli
5 hours the day before. omg...

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title: new haircut!
time:8:49 PM
hehehe had a new haircut.. uhm...
i'll just post the pics out lar.. lols
sure a lot comments coming in one.
dont say i suck lah even though if u think i do.
hahahahahaha :p

this is before. long right haha. my fringe damn long. on 09.10

yes, this is it! hahaha :D
my wayfarer! chunz

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title: 10.10.2008 - I'M 18!!!
time:8:04 PM
well, it's my birthday! hahaha :D
i'm officially 18 yo. no more underage. lols
uhm, went for haircut at Halin's shop with
Sally and Vanessa, but too bad didnt really
take many pics.. his cafe and saloon damn
cool man. very retro and vintage~
had lunch there then cut my hair.
it took him 1 freaking hour to cut my damn hair.
lols! Sally's like, "walao why so long one?"
hahaha uhm sometimes i see nice, sometimes i
see a bit weird. still not used to it. haha
but from people say, it's okay lar. not bad hahas
what say you? i look like when i was 3 yrs old. lol!
then after that Eugene my bro from Clark Hatch
got me the Converse sneakers! love love love it!! :D
happy happy! after service, went to shimin's place
to wait for eugene to come fetch us to the place...
party time! had a great time. it was awesome man..

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title: 09.10.08
time:7:46 PM
alright, i'll blog about thursday first kay. hahaha
it's Ee Laine's and Choo Yee's birthdayyy!
miss them both hehehe xD
thursday, went to watch Disaster Movie with
Lin Fei and my bro.. it's really a disaster man..
damn, lousy show. worst then Scary Movie..
doesnt makes sense at all! lol
and Lin Fei got me an official DFB bag for 2008!
damn nice wlheeeeeeeeeeee :D lurve it!

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title: new hairstyle :D
date: Friday, October 10, 2008
time:2:46 PM
going for haircut lah. getting short bangs! wheeee
hopefully i dont look like an idiot hahahha xD
i'm so scared but it's time for me to change the look!
wheee getting new look on my bday :)

wait....just wait....coming soon.....hehehe :D

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title: events i wanna goooooooo!!
date: Thursday, October 9, 2008
time:1:13 PM
October :-

15-16 Oct ~ da:ns festival 2008 Russian Ballet Gala @ Esplanade Theatre, Singapore.

November :-

1 Nov ~ Lee Hom Music-Man World Tour @ Singapore Indoor Stadium
13 Nov ~ Rihanna! @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

December :-

12 Dec - 20 Dec ~ The Nutcracker @ Singapore Dance Theatre
20 Dec - 01 Jan 09 ~ Mamma Mia! The Smash Hit Musical @ Istana Budaya, KL.

p/s: anyone wanna sponsor me? hehehe i can teman you go. lol! i need tix!!

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title: ....
date: Wednesday, October 8, 2008
time:9:15 PM
aihhhhhhhhhhhhh so lazy to bloggggg lar...
just watched Get Smart. not bad lar..
Anne Hathaway's very pretttyyy.. hehehe
a bit dumb la the movie. lol
watched The Sound Of Music yesterday..
even though the movie was like, decades ago,
still nice. hahaha xD love their voices lah.
damn nice.

currently listening to : PCD Doll Domination

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title: 10.10
date: Friday, October 3, 2008
time:3:31 PM
birthday's coming!

so what? lol

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