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title: Germany's 4-1 victory over England.
date: Monday, June 28, 2010
time:4:09 PM
Watched Germany vs England last night with the lot.
Lin Fei kor just got back from Taiwan to attend his sis' wedding.
Then at night we went and watched the match.
All of us are Germany's supporters.
Actually my bro also but he doesn't have Ger's jersey.
A pic taken during half time break.
Happy at the score of 2-0.Germany 4 - 1 England. Haha, the outcast! :PThanks Jon for helping us to get this jersey before
coming back to M'sia.
Owe you tera ais!! :)I finally own a Germany jersey. Happie :D

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title: Yi Wen & Chin Tat's wedding
time:3:35 PM
Yesterday was Yi Wen jie's and Chin Tat's wedding at JB Church.
This month there's 2 wedding in a row.
First was Yee Keat kor and Serine.
Holy Matrimony in church, very joyous occasion.
Watching the bride walks down the aisle with daddy,
it's so touching.
The moment daddy hands over the daughter to the hub,
Yi Wen jie was very happie and so is Chin Tat.
Can't stop smiling.. hehe.
And she was so touched while we were presenting hymns for her.
She teared. Seeing her making me tear also but I didn't.

Chin Tat and Yi Wen. Sweet couple isn't it? :)

Pretty bride and me.

JB Sisters :) My family :)

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date: Thursday, June 24, 2010
time:4:20 PM
This coming weekend is gonna be busy and fun!
Going down kl tomorrow night, and stay over at sis'.
Then sat is Hayley's full moon!
So friggin fast right and she's 1 month old already.
Cute lil niece. My hae darling :)
Then will rush back to jb on sat night right after the party.
Cos there's a wedding in jb church we gotta attend the next day.
It's Yi Wen jie's wedding on sunday!
It has been a long time since there's a wedding held in jb church.
Hope the best for the two of them! :)
When will be my turn??? Hmmm.. :P

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date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010
time:11:52 PM
I would be less active in FB already.
I mean it. Haha.
It spoils something sometimes.
So I better keep myself away from fb
as much as I could.
It almost ruin everything.
Fb kills! Raaahhhhh.

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date: Tuesday, June 22, 2010
time:12:51 AM
Baked cupcakes today!
Choc cupcakes again. Hehe
Some with icing and fondant some not.
Lol, this time it looks so much prettier.
And it's nice lah of course.
I, baked them.
I, prepared the ingredients.
Only my bro and sis decorating with the icing and fondant.
And I made the buttercream icing!
Though I don't quite like it.
It's nice for decorating only.
Fondant is prettier and looks nicer as decoration.
But it's so hard to deal with la.
I wonder how those people can make till nicely.
I should learn it. :)
Went to Alice's condo to swim for about 2 hours.
And then went back her place and
slacked, eat, watch tv, gossip and watch football!
Am loving her wide screen tv.
So big! So nice to watch football. Haha.
Tomorrow going to visit my dearie cousie Von diva!
And go pasar malam that I haven't been for a long time!
Missing those food. Gonna have them tomorrow! :)

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date: Sunday, June 20, 2010
time:3:23 PM
I'm in JB for holiday now :)
Will be heading back next week!

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title: Netherlands.
date: Monday, June 14, 2010
time:9:46 PM
It's two nil for Netherlands vs Denmark.
Of course nil for Denmark and two for Netherlands.
The first half was quite bored. 0-0
First goal was scored during the second half.
And it's an own goal by Denmark num 15. LOL.
Second goal by Netherlands is at around 85th minute by Kuyt.
Ended at 2-0.
Almost as what everyone expected.
Later, Japan vs Cameroon and Italy vs Paraguay.
Will watch tomorrow, Ivory Coast vs Portugal.
Boo, Cristiano Ronaldo. :p

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title: Ich liebe Deutscher fussball-bund!!
time:4:23 AM
Germany thrashed Australia by 4-0.
Podolski, Klose, Muller, Cacau scored.
O.M.G, I'm literally screaming in my own room.
Really happie wei.
Happie giler. Hahaha.
Omg those kinda feelings are undescribable.
If I'm at mamak, I'd have overturned my table
and spilled my teh ais. Haha.
Joachim Loew, you're the best coach ever.
And this is by far the best game since the start of Fifa!

Germany you made me so proud!
Once a German, always a German.
I'm half german!!

Ich liebe Deutscher fussball-bund!

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date: Sunday, June 13, 2010
time:2:45 PM
Yes yes yes, the match England vs USA was 1-1.
Gerrard scored at the FOURTH minute.
It's the FOURTH minute, mind you.
It's crazy right?
I guess USA's keeper wasn't concentrating at
the beginning of the game, that's why.
And then USA scored like, 15-20 minutes after.
And on half time it's 1-1.
I watched second half for like a few minutes
then I went to sleep already.
Tired and not very interesting match. Haha.
I checked the score today.
It's 1-1 FT!
I thought England gonna score another goal.
I was wrong.. Rooney isn't that pro as people thought.
Haha, oh ya, Beckham was there!
He was at the side with the coach in suit.
He looks so dashing okay.
Even though he's old already.
Same goes to Klose!!

Tonight's the night.
Germany vs Australia.
Be ready to see Gers trash Aussie.
Woohoooooooooooooo :D

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time:1:22 AM
And so Argentina won Nigeria by 1-0.
Expected.. but... Messi tried to score so many times.
Missed!! Got one is like really close to the goal.
It's like, O.M.G. man.
Anyway, USA vs England next.
I predict USA 0 - 1 England.
But, sad to say, both teams are lousy. :P

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title: first match of fifa world cup 2010
date: Saturday, June 12, 2010
time:12:14 PM
And so, yeah, I missed the opening ceremony of World Cup 2010.
Cause there wasn't live in PPS and I by the time i get to stream online,
it's already finished.
Seriously w.t.h. lo :S
Then nevermind, so I watched the first match of Fifa.
South Africa vs Mexico 1-1.
Draw. Knew it.
And then the match later on at 230am I skipped it.
Uruguay vs France 0-0.
Cheh, not interesting!!
Nasib I didn't stay up and watch.
Btw I slept at 230am, I'm thinking whether to watch or not.
But in the end didn't cause today have to go church.
Must have enough sleep, if not can't wake up on time. Ha.

Monday 230am! Germany vs Australia.
You kidding me? Definitely Gers will win man.

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date: Friday, June 11, 2010
time:3:01 PM
Okay now that I've lotsa time to update my blog.
I don't really have anything to blog about.
Haha. Sooooo boredddd eyyyyyy.
And nobody updates their blog either.
Been so bored here in Cyberjaya too..
Ahhhhh bloooddddyyy boredddddd.
Somebody save meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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date: Thursday, June 10, 2010
time:3:41 PM
At last! In my holiday mood now.
Hehe, tomorrow submit the final assignment
and take the exam next week,
I'm done for this semester!
Eeeeehaaaaaaaaa :D
But damn, the exam postponed to next week.
Wth la. Exam during the holiday?
Seriously whatthehell. :S

Uggghhh and I got so bored..
Out of dramas to watch already.
All the english dramas season finale..
Gotta wait till September for next season.
Currently watching Dirty, Sexy, Money now.
Haha, cos no other better choice.
HK, Taiwan dramas also gao tim d.

Now waiting for FIFA!!
But I only watch matches Germany play :)

And I can't waaaaaaaaaaait for July!!

P/s : Happy ninth months to us :) xoxo

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date: Tuesday, June 8, 2010
time:5:25 PM
Raaah, malaysian studies final exam was today!
It's finally over, the objective part was hard though! Geez...
But I think mostly can pass la.
Now left Comm Studies finals and submit my final design
then officially semester break dy!
Happy giler.. hehe
But this month full of events, super packed.
Two final exams, two weddings, Hayley's full moon party.
Wuuuu~ fun fun fun!!
Misses baby Hayley~ :)
Don't know what to blog.
Haha. Ciao.

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date: Thursday, June 3, 2010
time:7:17 PM
Finally, photography and fashion history's presentation are over.
And I just got to know it's today!
I thought it's next week!
Thank God I've already prepare before this.
But still, not totally, just roughly.
But afterall it went well I guess.
Hmm, had a big red spot on my left cheek right now.
Hopefully it'll be away by this Sunday.
I have a wedding to attend. PLEASE!! :(

And yeah, I've been watching The Vampire Diaries
since yesterday from episode 7.
I think I roughly stopped there since the last time I watched.
Am watching episode 18 now.
I got so bored and started watching back cos I've finished watching
Gossip Girl, 90210, Glee, ANTM, and one HK drama.
TVD is not bad though.
Everything is perfect in Twilight but in TVD, there are a lot of killings.
And it's very exciting :D
The Salvatore brothers are hot too.
Much more hotter than the Cullens.
But the Cullens are cute. Jasper ❤❤❤

SATC 2 is out!! I wanna watch!!
SATC 1 is soooooo nice but obscene =X
But, I've promised T to watch with him..
So I gotta wait for him! Long long time.. :P

Wanna watch Prince of Persia, Shrek Forever After and Toys Story 3!

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date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010
time:3:01 PM
hardly update my blog now.
so lazy... :S
well, two more weeks to my sem break!
having finals now..
next week exams and presentations all.
then holiday!! :D
will be heading back to jb for holidays. yay~
this weekend is yk n serene's wedding! :)

and yeah, baby hayley's here!
she was born on 27th May, 8:27AM.
she's so cute, she has dimple :)

it's june already, so fast.
sex and the city 2 is out tomorrow!
wanna watch!! and prince of persia and shrek forever after.

past weekend was fun.
catching up with the girls and all. :D
love you all xoxo

july's gonna be fun i guess?
planning a trip to tioman with them babes.
and jb and sg trip!
jb food tour!! sounds greaaaat :D
make sure you girls can make it kay?

till then!

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