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title: Twilight . New Moon . Eclipse . Breaking Dawn
date: Saturday, March 28, 2009
time:10:03 PM

I'm just so happy.. way TOO happy man.
I finished my New Moon today.
And yeah, I finished it in two days. Awesome, kan?
Hehehehe, New Moon's front part wasn't that interesting coz it's all about Jake and Bella.
And the second half, more syok! Edward and Bella is what I want!
I love Edward so so so much! <3 He's just so.... errr you know.. yummy. hahaha
I'd turn into a vampire just to be with him.
As crazy as it seems. Lols~
Anyway, I asked everyone to check for me Eclipse and Breaking Dawn anywhere.
Thankfully, I don't have to wait for Pelangi's Popular d.
So long... hahaha I just know that I can't stop after New Moon..
I wanted to know what happen next.
Getting more and more exciting.. fuhhh
Well, will start later!!
Hopefully I don't read that fast coz if finish d then damn sian la.
That's the end of Twilight.
No more sequels to it. So saddddd :(
I'm gonna miss Edward so much. =X

Oh oh, and I turned off my lights for 1 hour.
Are we supposed to off all electricity?
But how come I thought some people off their lights but the computer is still on?
Urgh, anyway.. I didn't on my fan too.
Can I do that? hahaha aiyah it doesn't matter now d.
The feeling is like, wow, the whole earth is dark now.
Sounds so cool right everyone doing the same thing.
Like so united. Well, some people think it's crazy shit.
Screw you people.. so not cooperating. pfft. haha :p
Anyway, like I care? hah, Eclipse, here I come!!! :D

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title: diet!!
date: Thursday, March 26, 2009
time:10:15 AM
I've committed great sin yesterday night.
I went out to Station 1 with those 2 birthday guys and ordered Tom Yam soup and Chocolate Ice-cream.
Eating at 9pm+!!! And such fattening food! (the ice-cream)
Oh no~~
Fyi people, I'm on my diet plan now. hahaha
I bring oatmeal to work everyday.
And yes, true enough, it's my lunch everyday.
Cool right? I know it is. Thank you. HAHAHA
My boss is like, "you very fat meh?"
Having oatmeal not only can get slimmer, it saves you money from eating outside.
Btw, outside food sucks. I got sick eating them for like few weeks when I started working.
And around my working area there's a lot of robbery cases.
Always. Black area as said by my aunt. hahaha
SEEEEE!!!! So many benefits right.
And I so love oatmeal! Tastes so nice.
Maybe its the way how my grandma cooked it gua..
Cause my lady boss says she eats it for few days then sick of it already.
Hahaha not for me.
Well, maybe, I've just started this week so don't know yet will I get sick of it.

And yeah people, I have already finished my Twilight and started my New Moon!
wheeee~ quite think but can finish in short time, since I'm so addicted to it.
Can't wait for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn la, still don't know need to wait for how long.
Aiks~ So hot-selling meh the book till sold out.. geng.
Nvm, I still have one book unread. In fact it's two. hahaha
Confessions of A Shopaholic and another one I forgot d.
It's from Little Black Book, for girls only I think haha cause guys won't that kind of book.
Whatever it is. lols xD

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title: Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson addiction :D
date: Tuesday, March 24, 2009
time:10:41 AM
YES. Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson is my current obssession.
He's just so addictive. Got me so high hahahaha xD
Finishing my Twilight already.. and gonna start New Moon.
Can't wait to get my hands on Eclipse and Breaking Dawn! :D
Know what, I sleep at night and woke up randomly in the middle of the night, hoping to see Edward across my bedroom. hahaha but all I can see was the curtain.
Damn it. lols xD in my dreams maybe.

He seriously is H.O.T, no?
love his messy hair.the ever-so-cool Rob Pattinson

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title: updated post!
date: Thursday, March 19, 2009
time:9:56 PM
Woohoooo haven't been updating my blog for like so long already.
Hahaha anyone miss me? I bet no. Why would you? Haha.
Ahhhh whatever it is.. Life hasn't been interesting after all..
Everyday work, back home, online/read book, sleep.
Repeat the same routine everyday. lols. But anyway, I think it's fine.
lol XD tomorrow got junksale at livinroom!!!
Couldn't make it! Cause going to church arghhhhh sadddd :(
Anyway I went over That's today and got something from Halin's side.
At least I got something! hehe xD

Well, for the past weeks I did a lot of shopping.
It's online shopping for you info ;)
Well, like you know, it's addictive. Very.

And yeah, I finally bought my New Moon and Confessions of A Shopaholic book.
I need to finish my Twilight first of all!
Haven't got much time since I started working.
Haha, maybe got, but I didn't fully utilized it.
Aih so wasted. Hahaha.
And I've already ordered for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.. :p
Edward Cullen is so damn farking cool/handsome/cute/HOT.
I watched the movie before I read the book.

Damn, about two things I was absolutely positive.
First, Edward was a vampire in a fantasy world/movie.
Second, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Hahahaha I'm living in my own fantasy world.
But! I won't fantasize about him anyway. Lol
It's just too crazy. And I'm crazily in love with him.
Wuahahahhahaha haiya, every girls who watched Twilight are like me, crazily over Edward Cullen. He's simply irresistable man. Ohmaigad.
Oh yaya, and Doctor Cullen!! He's sooooo good looking!!
Like father like son! :DDD wheeee~ flew away. hahaha

OK!! enough about Twilight, Edward Cullen and Doctor Cullen already.
Back to reality now. Lol
And btw, heard that Robert Pattinson sings and plays the piano.
Oh how hot is it? GAWD. Awesome.

Right. Here are some of the pix of the recent happenings.

vintage YSL. this funky print tights. damn chio right i know. hahahayes, bought this top online, the tights too! ;)yah the same top as the pink one.
the gold studded skirt bought online too wheee :D
Roy and I. The last lunch we had before he left for Japan.
will miss ya. fyi, he's only 15 and he's an awesome drummer.

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title: #4
date: Friday, March 6, 2009
time:2:17 PM
title: Don Sushi dinnerrr buffffet :D
time:10:22 AM
went Don Sushi for dinner last night.
yeah, my first time there...
hahaha not many people, somemore not
much food choices.. anyway.. hahaha
i love their beef teriyaki!! pix shown below hehe
this is their beef teriyaki. i just love beef!
though they're pix looks like it sucks. aha.
i had like, more than 6 plates of it.
gosh~ their like, "omg, really a beef lover."
hahahaha i'm sure is!! :)))resting time after first round. hahahaha
and miss esther, who just got back from kl.went back home and the beautician did facial for me.
hahahaha she always do that for me. thankkies :D
after that, mask time! My beauty diary from Taiwan!
we both love the brand's masks. hehehehe

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title: #3
date: Thursday, March 5, 2009
time:2:32 PM
#3 - by Eunice Adrielle on

love the jeans, the Chanel vintage quilted bag,
the Topshop biker jacket and Marc Jacobs wayfarer.
coolness. why be normal ?!?!!

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title: #2
date: Wednesday, March 4, 2009
time:4:27 PM
#2 - by Eunice Adrielle on

#2! yes black.. so glam. and yeah, love every clothes,
accesorries on it. hahaha if not i wouldn't have matched
them together right. stupiak. hahahhaa xD

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title: #1 pinkkkkkk :)
time:4:23 PM
love pink
love pink - by Eunice Adrielle on

hahahaha this is what i do when i got bored at office.
nice? my first work. lols
i think it's awesome. hahahhaa love everything in it.
except the butterfly. just for deco. HAHAHA
gonna do somemore. this is so funn!! hehehe xD

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