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title: OMG, my Kim Bum sings so well! ❤❤❤
date: Friday, June 26, 2009
time:12:25 PM

누구보다 사랑합니다 ❤ 김범 ❤

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title: So here's it...
time:9:40 AM
Before haircut. Haih long story...
After chatting and much consideration, I decided to just TRIM my hair.
Haha, how sad is that! My hairstylist said he can't do 100% like in the pic
if I wanna perm. Coz that one is set de.
Then he taught me how to curl it, since I've the curler at home too.
So if want then ma curl ownself everyday lor, if not then straight lo.
Versatile kan? Better. And save money!!! Hehehe.
My soo long fringe, chopped it off d.
Well, at least I can have clearer view now. Lols
I already used to it to see with only one eye.

Taaaa-dahhhhhh! Nice or not?A bit bit curly only. Hehe only the bottom part.

No lah, this is the actual one. Haha
I didn't perm or anything. Well, I actually did mention above. Haha
Noob....I don't really like my fringe ler, kinda cacated. Lol
I think I'll cut back straight bangs. Haih~ then wait for it to grow long...

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title: Haircut today woo~
date: Thursday, June 25, 2009
time:1:03 PM
My disastrous hair now.
That's why I'm going for a haircut today.
If not, I really cannot face people already.
Don't know how long I tahan this already. Lols
Finally I'm going for a haircut/change. So happy!
If I'm not getting a perm, at least I get to cut away my disastrous hair.
Totally a disaster like what my sista said. Haha
And I looked fugly in this pic. :p

Random shot. HahahaWoo! I like this! Might be getting this.
I need some advice from my hairstylist first. HeheThis not bad too, but scare perm d very fast straight back.
That's for sure. LolNice, but common. I like how her hair is so straight yet not flat.

So....which one better for me? :p

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title: Left 4 Dead 2!
date: Tuesday, June 23, 2009
time:10:51 AM
OMG! Left 4 Dead 2!
Serious coolness. Woohooooo!
Can't wait for it to be released man.
Syoks~ 5 more months to go, Nov 17.
So long.. New Moon Nov 20.
So happening on the month of November! Haha.
Can't wait can't wait!!
Playing L4D on my Mac. Chun!! Hehehhee :p

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title: Cactus Inn Trip~
date: Monday, June 22, 2009
time:4:46 PM
On 20th and 21st we had an outing to Cactus Inn.
Which is in JB too. Hahaaha
It's a programme for the married couples lah.
But then the youths went also, to help out.
They need us, always. ;) Hahahaha
Well, their kids went along too. So it's like family outing instead of married couples.
Hahahha but we do not need to join in the discussion they had.
We just stay outside and look after those kids.
Had ping pong session, cycling, swimming.
And the swimming pool is so damn small, and so shallow. Haha
I did not swim after all. I had xxx. Lol
Had bbq dinner on Sat night. Approx 20+ youths plus some aunties and kids.
Cause those couples have their candlelight dinner in the resort's restaurant.
We have to bbq our own... T_T
Anyway, it's better. Hahaha
And it's only 20+ people of us, mami ordered 200 chicken wings..
That's a lot! I had like 8-10 chicken wings. Hahaha nice.
Still left a lot, I don't know how they settled it.
Had lots of ping pong session, woohooo so fun!
Haven't play ping pong for so long ad!
Feel so great, tomorrow going to have a ping pong session with bro at church again.
Hiakhiakhiak. And I wanna go swimming toooooo!
Uploaded some pics here. More will come on FB.
Wait for Ou Yang to upload them. Till then! :D

The pathetic small pool. HahaZoom with my phone cam. Lousy. Haven't cycled for ages d. Nice...My bro. lolSee how cute is Jael! Love her. (I looked totally ugly.)Cuteness. Excuse me and Ou Yang. HahaThis is Livi, my phone cannot take pix at night la.
Damn ugly lo... But she's really cute. Haha

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title: 나의당신,김범 ♥ ♥ ♥
date: Friday, June 19, 2009
time:10:21 AM

My darling Kim Bum!! ♥
I dreamed of him last night.
In fact, it was this morning. Haha
Few hours before I get up.
Gawd! I don't even feel like waking up man.
Sucky. First time I dreamed of him.
And the dream... OMG!!
I can die.. Totally sweet! :D
His smile is totally to DIE for.
Oh my goodyness.
I love him effing much.
More than Robert Pattisson. Lol!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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title: lappies!
date: Thursday, June 18, 2009
time:10:39 AM
MacBook Pro in Pink! Omg! Rebecca Bloomwood used this in Confessions of a Shopaholic.
And I so love it! If only MacBook got this in Pink, I sure get it!

I'm actually getting this one. I chose this over Mac.
Cause this has bigger memory, run faster. Hehehe.
But if Mac got Pink, hmmm... Reconsider. HahahaOkay, I'm so gonna stick Swarovski all over.. Hmm
But, it depends which lappie I'm getting first. Hehe :p

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date: Tuesday, June 16, 2009
time:11:26 AM
hair long d wow~ Kim Bum <3say you love my legs. muahahahaha :p
it's not an illusion, it's REAL!love pepper fries.. yumyum :D

too lazy to blog hahahaha :p

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date: Saturday, June 13, 2009
time:12:01 PM

I can't wait till 27th July!! Faster come man.. Why is it so slow!!?
Omg, I'm so effing excited man! :D
Above is the pic of my uni's Fashion Workshop.
How cool is that? Nyeknyek..
Wanted to post some other pix too but got some error when saving.
Cicak lah the web. Zzz..
Gosh~ I'm so addicted to Lady Gaga's songs!
"Let's have some fun, this beat is sick!" - Lovegame, my fav. :)

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title: I'm living my dream :)
date: Monday, June 1, 2009
time:8:22 PM
I'm just too happy today. Way too happy!
But I've got no one to celebrate with me.
But I don't care. That doesn't really matter.
Why I'm happy? Hmm... Now let me tell you that.
Many of you knew that I'm going Limkokwing U for Dip in Graphic Design right?
Well, maybe some of you don't know. Hahaha
Cause few months back, there's a roadshow in Jb,
and M'sia Chinese Associations sponsored an amount of money
as scholarship for LKW students for certain courses.
Then, I got the scholarship, but there's no Fashion Design which is my 1st choice,
that is why I chose Graphic Design instead.
So, just stick to it lor, no choice mah, FD very exp.
Cannot afford. So GD will do.
Then yesterday the Marketing guy that I signed up with, called me.
He told me that the Uni now is offering scholarships to students who have good grades..
Like it depends on how many As you get then how many % they can offer you.
So, he told me that I've got 6As,
and I'm entitled to get 70% scholarship!
How crazy is that?
And he asked me wanna change or not cause he know FD is my 1st choice too.
Of course I said YES lah! Abo stupid one meh..
So right now I'm so super duper happy.
Indescribable feeling... Don't know how to say lah..
Can't wait to start my course next month!! :DDD
I'm living my dream now. Thank God!!
Being a fashion designer has been my dream since I was a small girl.
Hope it's coming true!
Only 2 steps away! ;)

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