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title: ANTM ep 10.
date: Friday, April 24, 2009
time:2:27 PM
People who have watched ANTM ep10 will say this,
"What the hell? Aminat's saved this week again?"
Yeah, she's not eliminated.
Instead, Natalie was.
Natalie was the one I think prettiest in the bunch.
Hmmm, maybe she complain about Jay that's why she got kicked out.
Sad case. Her pix was awesome though.
Haih why is Aminat still in ANTM?
She shouldn't be!!
Fo is still my favourite ever.
Really damn love her lah! :D


Counting down 2 days till I fly to Sabah!
Wheeeeee so excited!! Can't wait, can't wait!

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title: Sabah, here I come!!
date: Tuesday, April 21, 2009
time:10:46 AM
I'm flying to Sabah this coming Sunday!
Wheeeee!! Mount KK~
Am so psyched and excited hehehe XD
Hope the weather is fine so we can make it to the top!
I WANNA BE ON TOP! haahahaha
Siao liao ini orang. lols :p
I've bought lots of chocolates hehe
Coz chocolates give me energy that I need.
Byk byk carbohydrates. Good good. :D
Water rafting!!
Yes, we're going water rafting too! Hehe.
Seems pretty dangerous but challenging too!
Sure get a lot of bruises one. hahaha
It's all worth it, isn't it?

And yes, island hopping!!
Wooohoooooooo I love beach!!!
I wanna get some tan!
Come, tan, come!!! XD
Counting down 5 days till I depart from Senai Airport!

Till then, people.
Will definitely post a long post when I'm back.
Hopefully with tons of pictures. Heh
Wish me smooth journey there huhu

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title: London out of ANTM.
time:8:54 AM

Pictures from first week till the eighth week.
I admit that she doesn't look great in her last photoshoot with Ciara.
Other than that, I LOVE all her photoshoots.
She looks amazing.
Bye, London! Come back next cycle! Hehehe.

That sucks ok. London is so pretty.
She's photogenic, too!
And like what Tyra said, her eyes smile! How cool is that?
Just that she has gained some weight doesn't mean they must send her home!
Ridiculous. How you would define Whitney then?
A plus sized model as the winner of ANTM. Rubbish.
The one who should have gone home is Aminat and not London!!
Haih, so surprised that London was sent home.
They shouldn't have... :(
Anyway, Fo all the way.
She's my favourite of all since the casting week. Hehehe :D
I didn't really like Celia either.
I think she's pretty, but then kinda cocky.
Eeeyucks. Hahaha.

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title: EunicEdward :)
date: Sunday, April 12, 2009
time:8:41 PM
hahahahaha guess what people...
I dreamed of Edward last night!!
Oh ya, I just finished all of the Twilight sequels I think that's why.
He is so freakingggg hot. Even in my dreams. Gosh.
hahaha Bella wasn't there, none of the characters in Twilight were.
Only random people. haha
I dreamed that I went to the vampire world.
It's different from the human world.
Then I'm like the Bella in Twilight.
Edward's with me. HE'S WITH ME!!!!
We were like so close together and then his body is so warm! hahaha
But he's cold to Bella. haha weird.
Vampire should be cold huh. lols
Anyway, and I heard him singing. Some song..
Maybe some lullaby he composed when he first met me.
HAHAHAHAHA exactly like the story wei!!
Edward also composed a Bella's lullaby when he first met her.
Ahhhhh it's so nice to dream of him. :)))
He makes me happy. I love Edward Cullen. teeheee

Well, now I'm reading Confessions of a Shopaholic!!
Haven't get to see the movie. Yet.
Don't know when. Aihhh..
Need to watch Fast & Furious 4 too!!!

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date: Tuesday, April 7, 2009
time:9:53 AM

When I was goggling and yahooing some pix for my boss,
I came across this two pix.
This girl looks so cute ain't she ?
Absolutely adorable and pretty.
Love her eyes man... damn nice.

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title: = =
date: Monday, April 6, 2009
time:8:42 PM
My bag was almost snatched by two malay guys on a motor today.
It was effing terrifying okay. ohmaigad. walao eh think back also scared.
Really really thank God nothing happened to me.
Wasn't hurt and none of my stuffs were stolen.

After crossing the road, I was walking to the place where I parked my car.
It's housing area, so I parked infront of those house.
And it was one way, I walked the opposite way, so I can see the car coming from infront.
I saw one taxi coming from far, it's nothing.
Then when the taxi is getting nearer like only few feet away from me,
I heard the screeching tyres sound of a motor.
The motor suddenly braked coz if not sure bang the taxi d.
The two vehicles almost bang to each other. Almost!
The motor damn fast you know walao eh I didn't hear it coming from the back lor.
The motor stopped, the taxi also stopped.
After that, the taxi not moving mah, the uncle also terperanjat, he somehow knew they wanted to snatch my bag la then the taxi stop there.
I stood there like an idiot not moving.
My heartbeat damn fast.
It really startled me. My mind went blank and I stand there cannot move.
When I realised what was happening, the motor dont know gone where already.
Damn fast the motor chao, even I also didn't notice.
The the taxi uncle keep talking inside the car, I think to his passenger la.
One guy inside.. Then the uncle wind down his window like wanna warn me la.
But then I already xia dao don't know what to say or do already.
I just keep walking to my car and faster get in.
Whoaaaa really bad experience.
Why lah lousy place no parking lots. Yeesh.

Hate these snatchers lah.
Just go get a job and life man. Bugger.
It really piss me off okay. Give people unwanted phobias only. Pfffft.

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