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date: Tuesday, April 27, 2010
time:2:48 PM
Yesterday was my mid-term Malaysian Studies test.
How great, forgot about it.
Thought it's presentation. Manatau it's next week.
And then, thankfully, our lecturer is kind of good.
He gave me 1.5 hour time to revise.
I think I did it not bad lah.
Haha :P

Hmmm, gonna watch Ip Man 2 this Friday! :)
Gotta book early to get a seat.
And, Thursday Ted's coming!
OMG. It's so soon..
It's been three months since we last met.
And have been counting down since then.
And finally, the day is coming!
It's gonna be a great weekend this week :)

And yeah, as ALL of you guys know..
My sister, Joan has come back from UK!
Welcome home, sis, missed you much.
Oh and mommy got me cookies and chocolates
from UK and Germany.
Thanks mom! <3
And sis! I'm still waiting for my MJ.
Please faster sort out your luggage!
Will claim it soon! Thanks! :P

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date: Thursday, April 22, 2010
time:5:03 PM
I'm so in love with Marc by Marc Jacobs' and Dior's shades.
O.M.G. they're so pretty!
MBMJ's ranges RM500 and above,
Dior's ranges RM1,000 and above.
IF I'm able to save up till 600, I'm gonna get that MBMJ's.
Hahaha, I never seem to be successful in saving money.
Aiks. :(
So when will I get my MBMJ shades?

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title: MYDC 2010
date: Tuesday, April 20, 2010
time:12:30 PM
Having a one week holidays seems like nothing.
Cos of the assignments given before the holiday!
Can't even relax during holiday?
Homeworks shouldn't give on holidays.
If not what are holidays for? Yeesh.
Currently preparing a dress for Fashion Design class' Runway Show
next Friday.
It's a fast Runway Show and each student need to
make one garment only.
Hopefully mine turn out well.
Haha and guess what?
I'm gonna model myself cos apparently I can't find any friend to help. :S
Well, I prefer myself too. Hahaha.

Second, I'm having Malaysian Studies presentation next week.
Which I haven't start anything about it yet.
Haha. It's a group presentation.
But seems like none of us has start doing it.
Lol. Others are more important.

And another thing..
Am thinking to take part in Malaysia Young Designers Competition 2010.
Seems so rush lah..
Have to hand in the portfolio on 11th May.
I have to do my research on the theme..
And then get inspiration, design label and tag and carrier bag.
Then have to sketch 12 designs..
Oh gosh.. So many things to do yet so little time. :(
Hopefully I can finish this in time!
Actually, don't really think I'll get into 12 finalists.
Haha cos they'll be so much more other pro designers outside.
Anyway I'm just trying to get some experience in joining this kind
of fashion competition.
So I can prepare myself to join Project Runway.
Hahaha, kidding! But if really I can, it'll be a dream come true. :)
Getting into MYDC finals is also cool.
Cos you know what, if you're one of the 12 finalists,
they'll give you RM500 to produce 3 garments from the collection.
And then, if you win the first 3 places,
you'll get to sell your collection at Tangs Deparment Store.
Which is like, "Eunice Tham for Tangs."
Like those "Kate Moss for Topshop", or "Jimmy Choo for H&M."
It's cool isn't it? Haha.
Never give up! Work hard for it!

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date: Monday, April 19, 2010
time:12:51 PM
i'm sick of crying in the middle of the night.
i really do.
it isn't a best feeling.
it's worse you weren't here.
i really do.
but....i constantly am.
crying so hard it hurts like hell.
SIGH :'(

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time:12:46 PM
can i rant about anything right here?
don't think so cos they'll be a lot ppl that's reading this
which i don't want them to know about.
sigh, i wish i could.
just screw everything and run as far away as i could.
i hate the feeling right now.
i hate the hurt i had last night.
i hate crying so hard.
i hate the feelings i feel that u don't even care.
i hate everything!
last night for one moment i really wish i could
throw all my phones away
and smash my laptop and everything i could fine.
i wish i can drink and get drunk and just
effing forget everything.
really F F F everything.
my goodness. its crazy isn't it?
woke up this morning.
having swollen eyes isn't the best thing.
and gawd, i still feel awful.
like WTF? i seriously don't know.

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