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title: Over the weekends...
date: Tuesday, October 27, 2009
time:7:58 PM
Went to Jogoya on Sunday with sis and the Soon family :)
To celebrate Annie's and my sis' birthday.
Hmmm was so excited.. but when reach there..
Ok ok only. Heard from others is like wow how nice how awesome.
Cheh~~ Not really that nice after all.
Not really much food choices.
Handroll only 3 types. Wth?
And so few sushi choices. Haagen Dazs ice cream also few flavours.
The desserts are awesome yes. Hehe. XD
Rate it 7 out of 10. Still prefer Sakae Sushi or Sushi Zanmai :)

Went to Pavilion after that.. Not with them though.
They went back and catch a movie at Sunway Pyramid.
Went to Pavilion meet up T and then went shopping.
We went Topshop Topman and when we queueing up in the line to pay..
The total bill of the aunty infront us is RM1,477.++ what the heck?
Made my jaw dropped. She was with her 3 daughters. (think so)
That's a lot lor.. Wth man. Fu po~

Bought a sling bag from Mango, nice nice :D
Got it as my bday pressie. Hehehe xD
And went of to Sg. Wang after that for a quick walk.
Hmm, bought a pair of sandals from Vincci.
Mana tau the next day wanna wear, noticed the zip spoiled d.
Wth. Gonna exchange it this Sunday. Zzz...
And guess what!
Lee Min Ho has an autograph session for Etude House at Sg Wang on that very day!
I didn't know till I reach Sg Wang and saw the poster on the stage,
and......... the sad part is he left 5 minutes before I reach. WTH!
I'm like so........sian diao straight away.. T_T
Gu Jun Pyo! I wanna see him laaaaa WTH how come no advertisement for this?
Didn't know also. If know sure go early la! Really kns.

Went to Times Square later on to get Krispy Kreme.
Hmmm, still prefer J.Co or Big Apple though.
Hahaha XD but why Krispy Kreme more famous?

AAR concert this Saturday !!!! :D
Rock it, rock it, rock it. Gonna have a blast!

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title: Kolam Festival @ Pavilion
date: Tuesday, October 20, 2009
time:3:06 PM

As some of you know, we did the Kolam thingy at Pavilion
just around 1 week before Deepavali.
Done by all the Semester 1 students from Limkokwing University.
Haha I did a bit bit only then after that
lepak lepak go shopping around.
Wahahaha xD typical me la. :p

Then we got certificate of participation tim. Haha. So proud :)
And tomorrow, we're going... like, again. =.=
To take group pictures. Don't know what's up. Zzz.
A bit lazy to go... Hahaha xD
Still deciding whether to go or not??
Hmm. Should I go or should I stay?

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title: Kumar Drag Queen. BEST!
date: Thursday, October 15, 2009
time:12:33 PM


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title: Some pictures update!
date: Wednesday, October 14, 2009
time:2:30 PM
9th October @ Midvalley.
With my besties on 11th Oct! <3

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title: 19th Birthday updates! :)
time:2:06 PM
9th October ;

It's Fashion Fast Forward Member's Day @ Midvalley.
Reached there at around 3PM+. Bumped into MiinMiin and her friend there.
Started to shop around Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge, and Dorothy Perkins.
Hmm.. The Leopard Purse I wanted to get, Miss Selfridge doesn't have it.
I guess either Malaysia's slow or they don't have it. Sad case. I love it.
Wanna get a purse but none of it are nice. Hmm..
Got myself a Leopard Satin Ballet Pumps from Dorothy Perkins!
Nice nice. Love it! :)
Hmmmm... Didn't really see anything I really like though.
And I got another hot pink jersey dress from Topshop.
Been wanting to get since my last visit to Topshop. Hahaha.
Eyeing on a mini floral skirt from Topshop now.
See if I've enough cash to get before 8th Nov or not..

And then went off to Sushi Zanmai in Pavilion for dinner!
Oh yeahhh~ My first time to Zanmai. Heard it was good.
And yeah it was. Nice. <3

10th October ;

It's Saturday! So what else, went to church as usual.
And after church service they Youths went HUKM to visit Edwin who was admitted to hospital the night before due to some appenciditis (I can't spell it.) and gastric problems.
He's been discharged on the next day. Don't need to go for any operation. Thank God. :)
No special celebration on this day though.

11th October ;

Sunway Pyramid! Meet up the Klang gang there.
We took Photo stickers! Haven't done that in a long time..
After that we went to watch Sorority Row.
Some horror movie. Well uhm, it's okay for me.
Lots of killing and stuffs. And Liam from 90210 is in the movie!
He's hot as usual. ;)
After the movie, headed to Sunway for our dinner.
Supposingly we going Yuen Steamboat.
Mana tau so damn many people. Hate.
Then we got pissed and went off to another one opposite Yuen's.
Aww man. Sucks! No next time. Ever.

After our dinner, we went to Station 1 opposite Sunway Hotel.
Hmmm well they surprised me with a mini cheesecake. Hahaha xD
Thanks besties! Love you all. :)
Having you guys around is the best thing.
Laughing at Kumar's jokes and everything!
Hang out again soon, kays? Hehe :D
And that's how our day ended.

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title: ♥ 19th Birthday Wish List. ♥
date: Thursday, October 8, 2009
time:11:30 PM
Ahahah I'm writing this for fun. :p
I'm just way too bored now. :(
Can't wait for the weekends to come!
Gonna have a blast. I guess. Yeah hope so. :D
I so wanna own these things!

1. Miss Selfridge Leopard Patent Flat Purse
2. Marc Jacobs bag
3. Leopard printed ella
4. That leopard printed Crocs
5. A digicam.
6. Topshop acid washed jeans
7. Chanel 2.55 inspired in Red
8. Germany football jersey
9. Jennifer Lopez : Live Luxe Fragrance
10. A pink iPod!
11. More strawberry Rockys and Dark Chocolates!!! Mmmhmmm~


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title: Final Semester Project! :O
time:6:28 PM
From next week onwards till Mid November, I gonna be so busy!
Doing FSA!! Oh gawd. Design studies and Creative studies' FSA.
Really difficult. But we're doing step by step. I think that's at least better.
Hmmm, for Design studies, hafta draw 10 sketches and pass up by next Wed.
For Creative studies, our FSA topic is Bali.
Today we did the mindmap thingy.. So now we hafta write 700 words essay.
For Creative studies it's group project so it's better.
And today I'm late to friends sabotaged me.
They wrote me in the list as group leader.. Haih haih haih~ Stressssnyer.
For Design studies is individual project wor.. Lagi stress sia..
Ughhh.. All the FSAs are so complicated..
Drawings, painting, colouring, designing..
Anyway, happy that Semester 1 is coming to an end.
Majoring in Fashion starting next Sem! Wooohoooo can't wait!!
Wish me luck in getting good grades in this Sem! :D

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title: AAR ROCKS ON!!! :D
date: Wednesday, October 7, 2009
time:10:41 PM

As you know, their concert that's scheduled on 10th Oct has been postponed.
Cause Tyson, the lead singer was hospitalised.
And he's unable to travel for these few weeks..
Poor thing.. get well soon, Tyson!
Can't wait to see AAR perform again.
They were awesome at the MTV World Stage. :)

I gonna rock AAR's concert in Malaysia.
You know you love me. ;)

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date: Monday, October 5, 2009
time:9:27 PM



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title: Queen E back in action! :)
date: Sunday, October 4, 2009
time:4:33 PM
Ooh well! I haven't been updating my blog for 1 month plus.
Didn't realized that though. Wahahaha. XD
Cause my blog's a mess and I don't even feel like updating it.
I'm doing it now cause I'm so bored right now and while waiting for my Youtube video to load.
Hmmm... Gotta rush my assignment later which needs to pass up tomorrow. T_T

Had a small Mid Autumn Party at Yin Huey's place last night after Youth Service.
Well uhm, I ate...a...lot...of...junk...foods....
So sinful. :( At least I get to eat some mooncake. Yay! Happie~~ :D

This weekend would be a blast!
My birthday's on Saturday! Oh yeah!! hehe.
But the fact that I'm turning 19 freaks me off.
The last year of having the digit 1 infront. Oh gawd.
20 is so old! :(
But anyway, going Midvalley on Friday.
It's Fashion Fast Forward Members' Day!
We gonna invade Topshop Topman and Miss Selfridge!
Cool cool cool, can't wait!
And Saturday, which is also my birthday..
Don't really have planning on that day cause I'll be at church.
Unless some nice people wanna date me out :D
Yes, and on Sunday! It's a closed party!
We're going to have Korean food at Sungai Wang and K after that!
Woooots! With all the besties! <3 you guys!

And the bad news is... The All-American Rejects' concert that's scheduled on 10th Oct has been cancelled!
Reason is the lead singer, Tyson Ritter, has been hospitalised and he's unable to fly here and there for the time being.
Oh my goodie. Hope he gets well soon and come back soon for the concert! :'(
So sad so sad so sad. Got me so excited and psyched and then now...
Hmmm nvm.. I'll wait...... :)

Going back JB during Deepavali holiday I guess...?
Miss everyone back there! And my room, my bed..
Here sucks. Yucks! :S

Final Semester Project giving out next week!
Stress stress stress!
For Design Studies would be Individual Project.
And for Creative Studies would be Group Project.
Ugh, and on the final week of the sem, which is like, 7 weeks from now.
We have to present it to a few lecturers..
And in front of all our classmates!
Dang! I have stage fright and I can't do public speaking.
Though it's not really on stage and huge public..
But still.... aihhhh~ it freaks me out. Gawd.

Wish me luck, guys. Thanks. Haha :D

Hope I'll update again soon.. Just wait for it.. Mwahahaha. XD

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