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title: - - -
date: Saturday, November 29, 2008
time:8:34 PM

just being random. HAHAHA :p

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title: new phone! W660i! :D
time:8:09 PM
new phone! new phone! new phone!
heheheh happie happie :DDD
got this phone thru poslaju last wed.
i came back home and saw a parcel
on the table and i knew it was the phone.
then faster unwrap and use huhuhu xD
looking good huh! :p

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title: camwhore pics ;) (2)
time:7:43 PM
title: camwhore pics ;) (1)
date: Thursday, November 20, 2008
time:12:47 AM

went for yvonne's 3rd aunt wedding dinner.
came back and camwhored.
thats what i do best. hahahaha XD
more to come! stay tuned! lols!

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title: The Art of French Kissing
date: Wednesday, November 19, 2008
time:12:54 AM

The Art of French Kissing

Ah, Paris, beautiful city of lurve.
Who wouldn’t want to be young, free and living within a croissant’s throw of the Eiffel Tower?

Emma Sullivan knows her stint working in Paris is going to be the time of her life.
Who cares if her job as PR girl to crazy French rockstar, Guillame,
means she spends most of her time rescuing him
from scandalous scrapes and fending off the paparazzi?
The point is, she’s here to find love,
and in sexy French reporter, Gabriel,
she just might have hit the jackpot…

i just finished this book. nice romantic story.
in Paris, the city of lurve ;)

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title: rain please go away!
date: Wednesday, November 12, 2008
time:8:07 PM
hate rain!! i mean hujan not the korean singer.
lol! well, i dont like him either. hahahaha! XD
today damn suey lor me.. off work at 5pm..
was raining but i dont want to wait till night
onli go back, coz have to walk. dangerous mah..
then i terus go back lor.. walked to bus stand to
take bus.. then after get down from bus, walk to
where i parked my car. im drenched! wakao~
damn wet lo. my jeans, shirt, bag, shoes.. all kena.
yucks.. rain damn heavy.. hate driving in the rain too!
then the worse thing is when i reach home, no electricity!
gosh! no wonder i cannot open the auto gate. alar...
then i honked. nobody came out. call my house..
nobody picked out.. called my bro. not at home!
then i called my aunt coz she called me but my phone
no batt. lols then my mom's phone inside the car so i
used her phone to call my aunt ask her whats up.
she said my grandparents are at hospital visiting my
biao sao (cousin's wife). she just gave birth to a baby girl.
then i'm like... wth? nobody at home? then how?
coz i need someone to pull the gate for me..
hahaha back to manual lol! aiya.. long story..
lazy to type out.. car also a bit siao siao lar..
then my grandma's bro (granduncle) came..
he stays like 1 house away from me .. hahhaha
he pulled the gate for me.. then i peacefully park my
car inside.. then... got home! both phones batt mati!
no electricity... cannot charge!
was drenched, wanna mandi. no electricity = no heater!
goshhhhhh... i'm like what am i supposed to do?
damn dark . somemore me alone at home... zzz
damn hungry somemore!! yiekkkkk! =X

i'll bring my umbrella with me now 24/7. lols xD

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title: gossip girl!
date: Tuesday, November 11, 2008
time:10:32 PM
does anyone has any idea where to watch gossip girl online?
other than and
youtube is okay but i cant find it lar. lols
i want to watch from the beginning. season1.
if u do have the link or whatever, send me!
thankyousssssssssssss :)

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title: my holiday! hahaha
date: Saturday, November 8, 2008
time:11:43 PM
dang! i'm back from kl d!
man it was sooo fun!
i dont even feel like coming back.
aiks. here sucks here sucks!
everything sucks! i dont like!! ugh.
one week passed so fast. time flies.
hmm.. i'll start from the first day. hahaha

--- 01.11 saturday ---

i took bus with yukfah on sat morning.
supposed to leave @ 9am..
mana tau the bus damn slow..
dont know wassup, 10am onli start.
reached there around 2.30pm+
then from pudu took bus to s.pyramid
then annie fetched us to church from there.
at night got hymn evangelistic service..
klang choir also coming.. so met some of them.
hiakhiakhiak. then at night went racks.
damn tires!! zzzz

--- 02.11 sunday ---

went pyramid! watch the vampire movie.
i cant remember the name lah.
some hk movie, it's a comedy lar i think.
hahaha funny one whole room ppl laughing
somemore the auntie beside joel terperanjat
hahahaha the show is funny but not worth
watching in cinema. kinda wasteful! lols
then went racks again i think! gosh. hahaha

--- 03.11 monday ---

met up with bobo and xiabi!
joel tagged along too! hehehe
i mean we asked him to. lols
went ac to makan then to pyramid.
went tony roma's for high tea! haha
only $0.50 mah so went for tea lor..
played cards! heart attack. haha damn noisy
damn fun lah. out table damn noisy lol!
went racks again! haha this time awhile onli.
then hanboy jiu call us ad say he reached sj ad.
so fast! then went back joel's place to get
my luggage coz i'm staying at xiabi's hse.
so met hanboy jiu and followed him back.
at night went klang pm, bought rocky! hehe
and at night went yumcha with xiabi's college frens.

--- 04.11 tuesday ---

tgv ladies day! went to buy movie tix.
watching Soul's Code. 2 guys and 2 girls
watching but we bought 4 ladies tix!!
buy tix ad then went mamak chill..
play cards, heart attack again!
very noisy also cards flying everywhere. lols
oh ya, the movie sucks man. supposed to be
horror movie, but it wasn't! dang.
after the movie we went station 1..
cards again! hahaha not heart attack.
another game. played stacko too..
hahaha loser has to do something embarassing.
made me laughed like hell. lol!
was having a good time.. somemore took lots
of nonsensical pics. hahaha somemore so late ad.
then went back home mandi tidur lols.

--- 05.11 wednesday ---

met irene at bus station and then took bus
to pyramid. watching The Coffin!
hmm. not that scary as i thought.
but, its better than Soul's Code! hahaha
went Tony Roma's again before the movie.
hahahaha drinks onli! :p
after the movie, xiabi and irene watched
Eagle Eye with hanboy jiu and friend.
i and joel went back home...
makan.. then go out again..
he went racks.. again! gosh.
we went somewhere else. hahaha
somewhere u dont know..
having our own sweet time. hehe :D
after that supposed to meet up the 2 girls
and bring them makan and to bus station..
mana tau last min hanboy jiu say can fetch
them wor.. then we cabut also lar..
went..... where ar ? forgot already! hahaha

--- 06.11 thursday ---

went for movie. hahahaha
Quantum of Solace. made me sleep.
lols. coz i didnt watch the 1st one..
this is the continuation of the 1st one.
so a bit blur when i watch. hahaha
not nice!!! after that went... RACKS!
again again again! hahahahah
i stone there only lah..
then went for walk walk hehehe
balik home makan, mandi, change..
then come out again. went mos!
hahah check id wor that day...
ladies got free drinks! hehehe
vodka baby! :D
met ah S and had some chivas from her
hiakhiakhiak!!! XD
went home around 2something...
tires~~~ sleepz.

--- 07.11 friday ---

going back jb today.. :(
meeting susan in armada hotel around 7pm.
went mcd to have brunch. haha
after that really dont know go where ad!
so went subang parade to go walk walk.
ahhahaha went his house later on..
for a quick dinner, then chill awhile
hiakhiakhiak :P
met susan at armada then back to jb lo!
reached home around 12am+
so tires! didnt mandi terus sleepz. haha
anyway, i'm clean. lols! XD

p/s : i miss all of you guys! and you you you! :(
i'll be back soon i promise!

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