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title: Nikon D3000
date: Saturday, March 20, 2010
time:7:15 PM
Seems like I'll be getting this.
Among so many offers from so many different people.
I think this is a good offer.
Still waiting for some reply bout Canon 1000D though.
This model would be newer.
This two is almost the same so either one will do.
Will be COD-ing this coming Monday with the guy.
Hopefully everything turns out well.

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title: Perhentian Island is ♥
date: Friday, March 19, 2010
time:4:11 PM
Sunrise :)
E ♥ T
BFF ;)

As you people know, I went to Perhentian Island past weekend
for 3days and 2nights trip.
Absolutely beautiful place to be.
Nice beach, nice people, nice scenery, nice water.
Seriously the beach is damn pretty.
The waters are so clear!
Greenish blue. Not like those brown brown one. Lol.
Had an awesome time there.
But sadly it wasn't the perfect timing to do.
Weather wasn't that good, but still okay.
Best time to go is on June, July, August.
Will go again definitely! :)
I love island.
I wanna go Maldives!
And Bali, Phuket, Krabi, Langkawi etc etc.

Check out the pics from my Facebook.

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date: Friday, March 12, 2010
time:2:50 AM
Heya, I'm at the airport right now with the rest of the gang.
We came here from KL Central like, 4 hours ago.
Lepak-ed at Mcd, and then now Coffee Bean.
Cos apparently Starbucks and Old Town doesn't have enough plugs
for me to charge my lappie.
And Mcd. Wth right. Zzz
Decided to overnight at the airport because our flight is early in the
morning which is 0745 and we have to check in two hours before
which means 0545. It's AM fyi.
Crazy right I know.
I don't know why the heck that time I book so early.
Stup lah haiyo~
Next time must think carefully d.

And today I got so excited that I left my room door LOCKED.
With my keys INSIDE.
Oh how great.
After that I'm like, where's my keys??
And then I asked my housemate to open the front door for me.
And I went to the office to try my luck to see whether
there's still anyone there cos the office closes at 530PM.
And the I just got to know the cleaners of the agency
stays there. And after a few ring of door bell.
They came and opened the door and I got my room's spare keys from them.
Really thank God. I was so freaked out because it's my first time,
and I'm actually rushing to KL Central because I don't wanna be late.
And then thank God it got sorted out.
Then rush my ass to KL Central then to LCCT.

I really want to sleep now..
It's 257AM now.
Crazy. I need bed.
The seats and sofas are all taken.
And I have to sit here at the Coffee Bean's not comfy chair. :S

Hopefully can have fun to the max these 3 days
and enjoy everything!!!

Btw, Evon couldn't join us.
How sad is that.
Blame her lecturer for rejected her group project!
Haihs~ Nevermind lah, next time k? :)

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date: Friday, March 5, 2010
time:10:48 PM
Semester Two has begun.
First week is just basically briefing of module outline.
But! Assignments are already given.
Seems like all my lecs are okay.
Just that the Pattern Drafting & Sewing Technique's lec a bit zzz.
Don't know how to describe how she is.
And my Fashion History lec.
I also don't know how to describe how she's like.
I like my Fashion Design I lec.
She's nice! I love her.
Seems like my Photography lec is fine too.
Apparently all are ladies except for Comm Studies and Malaysian Studies.
This sem gotta spend a lot on materials fee!
Make me crazy. I'm so gonna eat grass. T_T
Can get thinner also good lah. Haha >.<
Hopefully can finish all my assignments in time!
I really need to work hard!!

Perhentian Island next week with close friends!
Wooooohooooo! I gotta feeling.
It's gonna be a good trip.
Hopes my period comes after that.
Muahahahahaa XD
If not then damn sad lah haih~
Hopefully everything turns out well and
have lots of fun. :D

Will be going to sis' place tomorrow.
Will drop by Borders @ Times Square to see if they have
the book I needed for my class.
It sold out at most bookstores, literally. :S
Hopefully can get it tomorrow.
And then we're going to have our lunch at Face to Face!
Wooooooo!!! ME LOVE!!
Their ban mian is to die for!
Can't wait can't wait!

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date: Monday, March 1, 2010
time:9:23 PM
Why do bloody childish people exist??
They're just so plain annoying and
it annoys me very much.
Just mind your own business la.
I do whatever I like so just don't f care bout me.
Childish actions by you just make me hate you more.
That's not gonna change anything.
And I don't f give a damn to it.
Grow up please.

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time:5:14 PM
Got sem 2 timetable on hand now.
Same time like last semester!
Everyday 9am - 5pm, lunch break 12pm - 2pm
don't know why the lunch break need friggin two hours.
waste of time. better end early :S
Except mondays are 9am - 12pm.
Have Malaysian Studies on that day.
Sejarah! Die, die, die.

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