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title: Need some help here, peeps!
date: Wednesday, July 29, 2009
time:4:52 PM
Hey people! I reached KL last Sunday, 26072009.
Went Sg Wang to meet up Bi and Jhou. Greenbox time!
Rocked it. Hehe XD
After that went Pavilion! Topshop again. Wahahah XD
My goodness! Marc by Marc Jacobs. I'm so gonna get it someday. :D

And guess what? I forgot to bring the most important thing. Duh!
My hp charger!! Wth.. How could I?! Coz I was using before I came.
And I reminded myself to take it.. but still.. haih, brain not working well..

Stayed at hostel (Desaria) on Sunday night. All alone! Zzz..
Kinda sucky place. Lol.. I wanna move out! Hunting for room now..

Monday was the Registration Day for July intake students..
Quite a lot of students.. Indonesian and Chinese a lot.
There's German, African, bla bla.. International students also a lot.
Hmm... Wonder why they come to Malaysia when in fact their own country's better.
Hahaha noob. XD

Am looking for single room in Cyberia now.
Please help me, people. I need it ASAP!
Need to get it done before next Wednesday.
I'll be starting my class on Thursday..

Help please! Thanks a million. Hehe :)

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title: Webcammy
date: Wednesday, July 22, 2009
time:3:15 PM
the-ever-crazy Yang!We have pink wayfarers! Chio.My rainbow wayfarer.My vintage black wayfarer.My New Look shades broke. Her H&M.My sis said we look alike. HahahaUsual pose. LOL.Missss you! Come back soon! :)

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title: lappieee
date: Tuesday, July 21, 2009
time:6:59 PM
Gotten my lappie d. Last Sunday.
Sadly it isn't HP Pavilion or MacBook.
Haih~ Not getting those anytime soon.
Will be getting those only IF my Asus not working well.
Hahahaha, save mommy's money lor.
So happy she no need buy MacBook for me. Hahaha.
Am using this lappie very well now.
Hope when I start to do my ass it won't lag like hell.
If not I sure complain to mami and ask her to buy me HP!

Lols! Lalala~ boring.. online 24/7 at home..
This Sunday officially move to Cyberjaya d lur..
The start of my new life.. not new life..
Should be a new stage of life.. Haha
First week is Orientation Week ar.. So boring..
Wanna skip skip skip. :p

Looking forward to go KL shopping woohoo!
Forever 21 and Topshop. J'adore!! <3>

This Thursday got Fashion Fast Forward Members Sale Preview.
Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins.. WOohooooo!!
Sure goooooo!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeee~

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title: Photoshoot 120709 @ Sultan's Garden
date: Thursday, July 16, 2009
time:12:32 PM
Jazz made me pose the peace sign. I didn't want to. HahaActually I'm not supposed to close my eyes. Is I ter-closed it. HahSome shorty model wannabe. LolNaomi likes this. I quite like too after a few more glances. HehNot bad...Woot! One of my fave. HeheheShort, short, short! :(I love this too!Some unknown RayBan advertisement.
Chubby face huhuEffing love my shoes. <3I like this woohooo! Isn't it cool?New unknown spokeperson for Canon DSLRYvonne, what's up? LOL.I love myself in this pic.. Just wish I was alone...

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title: Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs
date: Wednesday, July 15, 2009
time:12:27 PM

I didn't watch Ice Age 1 & 2 so I don't know about the story.
But Ice Age 3 was good. It's so funny that me and my bro keeps LOL.
The possums are so cute, the weasel too. Hahaha
Crazy animals they are. Anyway, go watch it. It's nice. Heh :p

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title: New Moon trailer.
date: Friday, July 10, 2009
time:3:09 PM

This is the original New Moon trailer.

This is the comedy version. OMG. Enjoy! lmao. LOL

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title: lifeless life once again.
date: Thursday, July 9, 2009
time:9:02 PM
Last sat was my last day of work.
Yeah, I quit my job...
And I've been staying at home since Monday.
What else? Online the whole day.
Playing Typing Maniac and downloading some new songs.
Love Daughtry's Leave This Town album.
And Mariah's, Jordin's, Ashley's, Michael's, Paramore's etc and Flo Rida's Sugar!
Wooohoooo my lips like sugar~ niceeeee. :D
Did I give you high blood pressure? Hahahaha.

Went Neway with Miss Yvonne last Tuesday.
And did some shopping. Some only..
Didn't buy anything. Just 2 nail polish and 1 wayfarer.
And some stationeries. That's it!
No clothes, no bags, no shoes.
Though it's on sale right now, nothing really caught my eye.
Hahaha XD
I'm saving to go KL shopping lar..
Somebody is waiting to shop Topshop/Topman with me.
Hahahahaha.. Hmm... I'm many people's shopping kaki.
Lols. Can shop whole day non stop.
I think girls are borned with those genes right?
That can shop very long without getting tired. Haha
I think I got it from my mama ;)

Photoshoot this Sunday!
It'll be the last one before I move to KL.
Woohoo with my cuzzie Miss Yvonne Diva.
Hmm, hope it'll turn out nice..
At least better than the first one. Hehehe
So many appointments next week!
Cause I'm moving to KL on the 19th and
everyone wants to date me out before I move.
Lols, high school friends, church friends..
Will miss you guys so much!
Especially family and church friends nia.
Am already missing you guys right now! :(

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