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title: update update update
date: Saturday, December 20, 2008
time:6:24 PM
woohooo it has been 10 days since i last blogged. hahaha
went to genting last weekend with family.
funnnnssss hehehehe and was tired.
and guess what? i quit my job in showroom ad!
wahahaha whatever. lols. holidaying now..
then look for a new one. wheee
got a lot of pics to post lah. but then haven transfer
my pics from phone to comp. hmm.. just wait lor.
came back and had a crazy week. damn busy..
hahahaha and yeah, i'm in kl
lols. syoks~ i'll be staying till...?
dont know when? christmas eve and new year countdown..
where to go ? any nice places? hmm
i cut my hair d! wooohoooo bangs' back!
will upload pics soon yeahh huhuhu :D

same or better than last time ? hahaha

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title: old town sesssss~
date: Wednesday, December 10, 2008
time:10:42 AM
met up with old school friends last night..
haven't seen them for so long ad.
hahaha miss their sampatness. lols
talk talk talk and gossip gossip gossip.
not really gossip la. just..we were talking bout
others. hahahha!
chuan spilled his ice lemon tea on himself somemore.
lols xD really had a good time together.
we should do this sometime again.
hahaha but so sad lar most of them leaving to aussie ad.
chuan james and quin.. huhu :(

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title: random pics took during trip to kl
date: Monday, December 8, 2008
time:10:22 PM
my awesome fingers and fingernails. hahaha xDblue : xiabi, black : yang, pink : mine, ori : jhoui wish i was taller :(my rm13 shades from jonker street!at starbucks waiting for time to pass~ahem. i'm only 46kg. huhuhu!phoebe!and wendy!

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title: past week happenings
date: Sunday, December 7, 2008
time:11:48 PM
well yeah, haven't update my blog for quite sometime d.
hahahaha coz my connection is like so freaking slow
and it takes very long to load the webpage.
i feds ad i just shut down the computer. lols!!
alright, i need to refresh my mind now. hahaha

- monday 01.12 -

met wei chao after work.
he just came back from aus.
having hols now.. huhuhu
and guess what he got me..
milk chocolate truffles!!
the packaging is so nice! lovely.
he said he bought the exp 1 for me
coz he lost my earring last time. haha xD
i havent eat yet. still in the fridge.
too nice ad.. a bit bu she de to eat. lols!
and yeah, watched madagascar 2 that day.
really funnies. nice..

lovely isn't it?

- tuesday 02.12 -

headed to kl around 10+ to 11.
reached around 2+ ...
then susan dropped me at Asia Jaya lrt.
took train to KL Central then took ktm to Klang.
met up with xiabi,jhou, and yang.
went to Bkt Tinggi Jusco.
walked awhile only then went yc..
shopped for some accesories thats all.
and had big apple donuts. hehehe
and took some crazy shots. lols. lame peeps!!

- wednesday 03.12 -

took bus to sunway pyramid..
walked around. went redbox..
hahaha they went without me!
mana tau kena i caught wuahahahaha
so bad u all.. kns. lols!!
anyways in the end we went also..
yang xiabi and jhou went back by bus
after singing k. then i stayed and went
over his place and hang out. :P
at night only he send me back klang
to xiabi's house. was so tired..

- thursday 04.12 -

thurs = mos night.
and of course we went! haha
stayed at home the whole morning
and afternoon. superrrr boress at home!
waiting for yang to come coz he'll come only
after the funeral service.
so he came at about 3 something..
talk talk 38 38 awhile then we mandi
and get ready d lor.. jhou's bro coming to fetch
us to bus stop at 5pm. so we hand leg must be fast.
somemore the bro waiting for us. damn paiseh
lols! from bus stop took bus to klang bus station.
then from bus station took cab to ktm.
and from klang ktm took ktm to subang ktm.
hahahahaha! sounds like long journey huh?
it's okay actually. lols. hahahaha
reached subang ktm around 6.20pm i think
then tjun kit and eugene already reached pyramid
like... 1 hour ago.. hahahha xD
then met them and had dinner together.
and xiabi's shoes is killing me. and i had to shop
for 1 new pair of shoes. coz i going crippled
soon if i continue to wear those. lols
and so i bought myself a new black heels.
haha yang's putting on the shoe for me like
i'm cinderella. hahaha and everyone's looking lo lols!

i looked fat! gosh.

- friday 05.12 -

stayed over at eugene's place last night.
huhuhu tjun kit was sooooooo zzz last night.
gosh. hahahaha xD
reached home around 3, then went mamak..
then back home, chat awhile, mandi..
and slept at 5am! omigawd.. extremely tireddd!
i'm the last to woke up the next morning. haha
i woke at 12+ if i'm not wrong. lols
then after everything, we left the house at 2+ to 3
his mom sent us to ktm station..
so we took ktm to kl central then from there
took ktm to klang ktm. hahahhaa confusinggg..
was so crazy inside ktm. lols!!
and was talking about funny things that happened
last night.. really had a crazy night. lol
it wasn't 'that' fun after all. hahahaha
ah, whatever. lols!
wanted to go times square at first..
mana tau they say tired, later reach klang very late.
so just terus back klang lo. aiks.
nvm, save money also. if go times square sure shop 1.
reached home then sleeeeeep.
everyone so tired man. lols.
at night wake up d terus go church..
then after church went mamak. hahaha
talked about a lot crazy and stupid things
that made me laugh till i cry. seriously.
yang was like, "wah, so touching meh?"
lols! funnniess!!!

- saturday 06.12 -

went pj church for service..
nothing much happened lar...
at church, nothing can happen also.
hahahhhaa and sadly i'm coming back this day.
so she bu de to leave. haihhhhhh
nvm, i'll be back again soon.
wuahahhhaa just watch out for me!
i'll be posting random pics in next post!

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title: - - - (2)
time:10:44 PM
title: Falling Out Of Fashion & A Walk To Remember
time:10:05 PM
Falling out of Fashion

A devilishly good novel which proves that,
somewhere in the middle of all the fakes, phonies and fashionistas,
lies true talent, true friendship and true love.

Jill is a magazine that’s a cut above the rest –
cool, cutting-edge and just the thing to be seen reading in glamorous Manhattan.
And that’s just the way its founder, Jill White, wants it to stay.
But Jill’s new boss, the blonde, bland, ruthless Ellen Cutter,
wants to fill the magazine with ads, fluffy interviews and super-skinny models.
And if Jill refuses to sell her soul, Ellen will make sure she falls
right out of fashion and straight into the dole queue…

A Walk To Remember

There was a time when the world was sweeter...
when the women in Beaufort, North Carolina,
wore dresses, and the men donned bats...

Every April, when the wind smells of both
the sea and lilacs, Landon Carter remembers 1958,
his last year at Beaufort High.
Landon had dated a girl or two,
and even once sworn that he'd been in love.
Certainly the last person he thought he'd fall for was
Jamie, the shy, almost erthereal daughter of the
town's Baptist minister... Jamie, who was destined
to show him the depths of the human heart-
and the joy and pain of living.

First you will smile, and then you will cry-
don't say you haven't been warned...

finished this two booksss!
falling out of fashion ain't that nice.
a bit boreddd. lols..
a walk to remember is awesome!!
love both the movie and the book!! :D

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