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title: some pix update
date: Sunday, May 31, 2009
time:8:55 PM
queueing up for fj benjamin warehouse salein evon's carleopard printed heels. niceeee! but not very the heels. damn high and thin :Dparty time!!!nice drink by jiefu ;)gifts from 2jie from UK :) more to come... hehehe

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title: Baskin Robbins' Day!
time:8:36 PM
we dip, you dripthere's my cotton candy! right at the bottom. best!

my cuz says i'm like digging gold. hahaha xDhabis! gao tim. damn full ;)

Today is also known as Baskin Robbins' Day hahaha xD
Every month's 31st I'll go eat BR. Why?
Coz got 31% off every pint, quart, and half gallon.
Chunz, had 1 quart today.
Shared with my cuzzie Michelle but she can't have so much so she ate like only 1/3 of it.
I gao tim the rest of it.. Too nice!!
We had cotton candy (a must! my fav :)) , chocolate mousse royale, and vanilla chocolate chips.
Yum yum, all also nice :D

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title: 4 days break!! :D
date: Tuesday, May 26, 2009
time:11:53 AM
Went to KL last friday by bus. Alone. So lonely. Haha
But anyway, 4 hours journey, sleep all the way up XD
Then reached Pudu, meet with kkz then go Midvalley meet Yang.
Haha he was waiting for us at the cinema there with his back facing us.
Cause he cut hair d, I scare I hit the wrong the person then damn paiseh.
So walked to very close d only pull his bag wanna scare him..
Mana tau~ no response.. lols. But at least I didn't recognize wrongly lah.
Hahahaha then went to McD for lunch, lols..
That Yang, very forgetful, thought he left his phone at Mcd.
Went back cari, don't have, then mana tau, all the time in his bag.
Nubi lah him.. Oh ya, and we met Paul Cheang at Mcd..
Haha alone, just back from college, then watching movie alone also.
So kesian nia.. lols.. After that went jalan jalan awhile then going back Klang d.
That Yang, dunno is KL lang or not.. dunno how to go bus stand lah..
Ya allah~ K, stop talking about him, later he'll get offended. Muahaha
Then reached Klang around 4 something I think?
Go makan then back Xia bi's place. At night go church.
After church go mamak with they all, then overnight at Evon's place.
Slept at 4.30 AM!!! Non-stop talking hahaha XD
That's why girls love sleepovers. hehehe
Then hafta wake at 8.30 AM to get ready to go FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale!
We reached Centro at around 9-9.10 AM. Not many people..
Around 30+ ahead of us.. then slowly getting more and more people.
And hor, they didnt open at 10 AM sharp lor.. cis~
I think they 10.30 AM only open.. lols..
Nasib I didn't bring bag, so no need waste time put into plastic and tie it up.
Cause we're quite front, so get to go inside first without squeezing with people.
Haha first place I go is Guess' heels section.
Actually I wanna buy heels only.. And yes, and I bought heels only.
Bought two Guess heels. Hmm.. Got one leopard prints that I've been eyeing quite sometime ago in Guess retail shop. haha
And another black heels with gold studs. Not bad..
I'm wearing size 6.5 and all left big size only..
Not many nice ones also lah~ Zzzz.. hahaha
I didn't go see baju or what, then go La Senza, cheap, but didn't buy. haha
No $$$ d T_T
Then erm, wanna see watch, wahlao eh by that time 11+AM mah..
A lot ppl dao~~~~ wanna die.. I also lazy squeeze with them. haha
Then go out pay for my shoes then chao d..
1 hour gao tim everything. Fast hor?? Hehe
Then go eat KFC and hafta send me to KTM d..
By that time around 1 PM gua..
Then I took KTM to Subang and met with Niku,
then Simon go fetch us to go church.
Damn tireddddd!!! Very sleepy during service hahaha
BUT! didn't sleep ok. :p
They got evangelical service at night mah.
Then till very late. We reached home around 11+PM I think?
Niku and Ken Siew stayed over our place lah.
Then we sang K and watched movie and partied at home.
Haha hard a drink mix by Jiefu, something like Vodka in Lychee flavour.
Haha, chun!! Then they drank Red Wine also.. Not for me...
Ate junk food lah.. fattening.. :(
Then watch dunno what lousy movie. In her Shoes starring Cameron Diaz.
Maybe it's nice lah, but then coz all very tired d thats why..
Then watch half way off it then go sleep d. haahaha
Next morning at around 12PM Elder Tsai from New Zealand come visiting.
After visiting go makan, then went back home watch 家有喜事 2009.
Hahahahahaha damn funny man lol.
But also we watched half only. I watched halfway the fall asleep.
Very tiredddd zzz around 5+ PM then we go out d.
Going Subang Parade, then Simon and YukFah have to go back SG d..
Oh so sadddd!! Kesian them ler. hahaha XD
Went Subang Parade for dinner lor.. Met Bobo and her family. hahaha
Then send Niku and Ken Siew back PJ.
Sun bian go the Pasar Malam behind Niku's house..
Walk not even 30mins then cabut d.
So fast finish, nothing de. Then back Bkt Jelutong lor..
Tired, mandi, sleep. Next morning 8+AM woke up!!
At first thought meeting Xia bi they all de..
End up, cannot. zzz hai me so early wake up..
Cause my sis going out do something mah..
Then she wake me also coz at first I say I wanna follow her.
No need d lor, cannot sleep back also..
So I watched my BOF lah hehehe
So Yi Jeong and Gu Jun Pyo!! <333
Then around 3PM I went Midvalley.
Gotta meet Susan there. I'm following her back to Jb.
She's working in Jb for these few days, so I followed her car back.
Reached Jb at 7+PM then go CS shopping awhile.
Thought of buying the book that I saw in MPH Subang Parade..
Haih, Midvalley's MPH don't have. JB's MPH also don't have..
How come??? Haiya, should have bought it at SP la.. Ish~

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title: Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert
date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009
time:9:05 PM
American Idol finale!
Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert.
Who is the next American Idol?
Though I think it might be Adam Lambert,
but I still like Kris Allen.
More likely love. Haha.
Both of them seriously awesome lah.
Hard to choose man.
Can have two winners or not?
Erm, win or not, both of them will get big someday.
I do think the Top 3 will be great singers and become famous.
Ahhhhhh, so nervous bout the result now!!
Kris Allen!!!!!

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title: Byeeeeee, Celia~
date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009
time:8:49 PM
Ok, I'm slow. I just watched ANTM ep 12.
Though I already know who got kicked out before I watched it.
Hahaha anyway, ever since Fo and London got eliminated,
I'm not so into it anymore.
Whoever got kick out or wins doesn't really matter.
Haha good, Celia's out. I don't like her from the beginning.
I don't think she's very pretty or photogenic.
She's just tall and has very nice fashion sense.
Erm, and I don't have a favorite among the Top 3. Sad case.
Hahahaha, but if I have to choose one, I'd choose Allison.
Teyona and Aminat are great too, but I just don't like. Haha
Call me racist. :p But I love Tyra! ;)

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title: I love Kris Allen!!!!
date: Monday, May 11, 2009
time:9:58 PM
Kris Allen is in the Top 3 of Season 8 : American Idol!!
Oh gosh I just love him! He rocks.
I seriously thought he gonna get kicked out this week.
Cause Allison, Adam, and Danny are great too.
Plus Allison and Adam got all positive feedback from the 4 judges.
Kara and Simon did not really like Kris' performance afterall.
But then, Kris got saved first!
It's between Kris and Adam. Of course I thought Adam would be saved.
But when Ryan announced that it's Kris, I screamed!!
So so so damn happy that he's not eliminated.
Well, Allison was. She's only 17 and she's an awesome singer.
You can't believe it man, she's got great vocals.
Anyhow, go Kris all the way!
Adam and Danny too!! You guys rock American Idol Season 8!

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title: Happy Mommy's Day! :) - Take These Wings
date: Sunday, May 10, 2009
time:10:39 PM
She was a sparrow lying on the ground;
Her life I knew would soon be at an end.
I knelt before her as she made a sound,
and listened as she said,
"My child, take these wings, and learn to fly,
to the highest mountain in the sky.
Take these eyes, and learn to see,
all the things so dear to me.
Take this song, and learn to sing,
fill your voice with all the joys of spring;
Take these heart, remember me.
Let us fly beyond the sea."
I found another sparrow on the sand.
A tiny bird whose life had just begun.
I picked him up and held him in my hand;
I smiled at him and said,
"My son, take these wings, and learn to fly,
to the highest mountain in the sky.
Take these eyes, and learn to see,
all the things so dear to me.
Take this song, and learn to sing,
fill your voice with all the joys of spring;
Take these heart, remember me.
Let us fly beyond the sea."


Celebrated Mom's Day at church today.
Hell loads of fun. Muahahahaha.
When giving out presents for mums,
hafta hug and kiss them on the cheek.
Haha, YES, even adults hafta do so.
Can imagine how funny is it?
The whole church was roaring with laughters.
Hahahaha those mommys were really touched.
That moment when choir presenting was a tearful moment.
My mom cried as usual. hahaha
And some other auntys. hehe xD
Will wait for Ou Yang to post those pix in fb.

Oh yes, and William's leaving to Nilai University College tomorrow.
Yesterday night was his farewell at church.
Hmmm, wish him all the best in his new start.

I desperately need some cash. Sales are already starting!!! Urghhh >.<
And it's frustating when you don't have enough money to shop.
Sucks sucks sucks. Spent all at Topshop nothing left. :(

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title: big spender me.
date: Friday, May 8, 2009
time:1:59 PM

Did some Topshop-ped yesterday.
Topshop / Topman / Miss Selfridge / Dorothy Perkins
is having mid season sale now.
Oh no. Spent quite a lot there. @.@
No good, no good.
Hafta cut back my expenses. Wuuuuu~

Went Metrojaya Warehouse Sales on Wednesday.
Bought ......
  1. Fasio Mascara x 2
  2. Fasio Eyebrow Pencil
  3. L'oreal Whitening Facial Form
  4. L'oreal Whitening Day Cream
  5. Garnier Mosturizer

Total only RM 50 nia. Haha how cheap can it be? :p

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title: Sabah Trip 26/4-2/5
date: Monday, May 4, 2009
time:7:28 PM
As you guys know, I flew to KK last week.
For a 6-days trip.
Went hiking Mount KK, Kiulu River Rafting, River Cruise,
Manukan Island, Gaya Street,
Philipino Market, Poring Hot Spring and etc..
Had a blast there!! :D
Really enjoyed my trip there.
Though I'm abit sunburned. haha
But it's all worth it isn't it? Yes it is!!
I wanna go again!
But no more hiking Mount KK. hahaha
Maybe yes, if I exercise gao gao before I go.
I wanna go Padas River Rafting!
For advanced level de.
That day we went, it was closed.
Cause the wall collapsed, then the boat cannot pass by.
That's why.
So we went to the beginner level instead.
Fun too! Really fun!!
Must try, must try.. Sure got next time ;)
Mount Kinabalu... 8.7km
Seems easy? Seems short the journey?
Never try, never know.
Whoever says that is easy I wanna kill you.
Cause it's not, at all.
It's very tough, fyi.
Even tougher for a person like me who doesn't exercise.
Hahaha. But thank God I managed to get to the peak.
Seriously, the feeling is undescribable.
Your legs is patah-ing.
But when you see the peak from far,
you know that anyhow you must reach it.
Be determined. Then sure can reach.
Even very tired already, die die also must force yourself to reach the peak.
And cold somemore, breathing difficulty, lack of oxygen.
3-4 degree only..
Really people, it's not easy! Trust me. I've been there. muahahahahaha
Show off show off. Hahaha! :D
But it's good lah to have such experience.
Everyone should go at least once. Yeah.
Hmmm the rest, let the pictures do the talking.
Lazy to blog d, so long. haha XD
Hahaha but I lazy post pix here.
If wanna view, go to my facebook, or Ou Yang's.
Or just click here and here.
will be uploading more. so keep checking out! :)

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title: FOOOOOOOOOOO!! :(
time:7:24 PM
farkit. Fo's out of ANTM.

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